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Make the ever-growing backlog
a thing of the past

Quickly discover the needs behind changing requirements with real users.
Validate assumptions using a library of components maintained by your team.
Improve the feedback loop, leverage in-house expertise, shorten that backlog.

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What if you could validate ideas by clicking a button?

Stop imagining what customers would do, start learning from how they respond, by testing ideas in production. Ann allows you to:

  • discover how a good solution should work
  • what it could look like
  • and how your customers feel about it.

Once you have proven that the idea makes sense and the requirements are no longer changing, that is when the specialist of your team can improve it with those little details that make all the difference.

Ann frees the experts of your team so they can shine instead of bogging them down with boring stuff. Refine that UX; polish those pixels; integrate with a legacy system; or, well, whatever the experts decide needs doing.

Yes, it almost sounds too good to be true. But considering the current time to market of most ideas: why don't you give it a shot? What have you got to lose?

How it works

  1. Organize a workshop

    Capture what makes your business process tick with customers and experts.

  2. Fill in the gaps

    Add technical details to the business process using simple conventions.

  3. Single-click publish

    Let Ann turn the model into software and deploy it to your own cloud within minutes.

  4. Refine the details

    Allow some customers access to the solution and improve it based on real data.

  5. Launch to general public

    Now that customers are happy and the team is satisfied you release it in the market

From the blog

Learn more about the spirit behind Ann, the goals, and the challenges encountered along the way.

Frequently asked questions

What's up with that name?
If the meantime to market of software is reduced, then you'll start to experiment with pretty much anything. "Shouldn't we...", "What if we...", "Are you sure that is how customers would interact with this?" Talk is cheap, just Try it with Ann.
Is Ann a no-code/low-code platform?
Yes, but with a different philosophy. No-code/low-code platforms focus on building screens and pumping data from A to B. Ann will help you build a model of your business process. As a result the software is in harmony with your business and far easier to evolve.
Is Ann a person building my software?
No, Ann is like Siri or Alexa. A smart robot that helps you build the stuff your customers need. All robots are clunky at first but Ann is already pretty smooth.
What if Ann cannot provide the functionality I need?
No problem. The software Ann creates for you will run on your own cloud. Ann leverages the cloud-native functionality of AWS, GCP & MSA. If Ann is incapable of doing what you want then your tech team can develop a custom serverless function to provide that custom behavior.

Reduce your time to market

If you know the business processes inside-out, then Ann will turn it into software that will make your customers smile.

Expect an alpha release of Ann by fall 2023